A few weeks ago I was connecting with my guides as preparation for a session I had later that day and I was gifted with Clairaudience! My main guide came and kissed me on both my ears and it was like they unplugged! I saw my other 12 guides (who often form a circle around me and act as a council) rise up and lift their voices to the heavens in celebration and I heard their beautiful voices! They sounded like that gregorian chanting; deep, rich men’s voices harmonizing in devotional toning.

Since then I have had varying degrees of success with hearing in spirit realm, but I figure this is the “practice” stage and I am ok with that.

I had been quite frustrated throughout my training and practice by not being able to hear what the spirit beings were saying. The odd part was that sometimes I could hear but was unable to understand, and sometimes I could see their mouths moving but could not hear the words, and occasionally when I was not really paying attention to what they might say I could hear. But always, I felt like I should be able to hear.

Recently I was asked if I attend a lot of seminars…nope. What about books? Do I read a lot of books…nope.Then where do I get all my information?! To this I replied, “I listen”. I listen to people as they are talking, I watch their body movements and feel their feelings. So not being able to hear in spirit realm has felt like a handicap, although, I have still been able to listen. In spirit realm I have learned to communicate with guides in a few different ways: 1) I get confirmation by asking yes or no questions to get a nod or head-shake, 2) I listen with clairsentience (a feeling of “knowing”) and 3) I invite them to help and allow them to step in and do the work that needs to be done, or direct me (I pay attention to feelings that direct me) to do the work, or share my energy body to work together to do the work that needs to be done.

So how cool is that?! Just by writing this down I have come to a deeper understanding of the distinction between “hearing” and “listening”. One needn’t hear to listen!

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