Zeke’s Ancient Cat-God Guide

In 2002 I was visiting one of my best friends and after I came into the house she told me that her cat, Zeke was not doing well. He was about 4 years old and was normally a healthy indoor/outdoor cat who hunted and ran around on their 12 acres freely.
She worried that he might have been hit by a car. He hadn’t moved from the chair he was curled up on for 2 days and she had been forcing water with an eye-dropper every few hours.
I asked if I could work on him and she said yes right away, so I kneeled in front of him and opened the Reiki channels with the Reiki symbols for physical and emotional healing. I began sharing healing energy without touching his body – I didn’t want him to have any additional discomfort.
I always invite my client’s Angels &/or Spirit Guides to assist with healing and sharing of information and to my surprise Zeke had an amazing guide! I felt the energy surge just before I saw his guide zoom in from above, flying like a dragon but without wings, just a long whip-snakey tail and his face looked very similar to a Chinese Dragon with the colors and the moustache-wiskers.
He started screaming like an angry cat, “RRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAEEEEERRRRRRRRRR” and I knew that it was an ancient cat language. I tried to understand what he was saying but I couldn’t, so I said out loud to him that I couldn’t understand him and that he should just do what needed to be done and I would be the channel for it.
The energy that passed through me into Zeke was extremely powerful and fast, lasting 5-10 minutes and then the cat guide flew away and the energy subsided. I felt that we were finished so I thanked all (the guides and angels) who were present and thanked Zeke’s Ancient Cat God Guide in particular and got up to wash my hands (part of my letting go of connection to spirit ritual).
When I came back, my friend was sitting next to Zeke and he had his head up and was looking around. She was petting him softly and as we were talking he struggled to his feet and gingerly jumped off the chair, heading to the kitty door a few feet away.

Here is a picture of Zeke today, 11 years later!

Zeke now - 2013

Zeke now – 2013

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