Finding My Own Light – Part 2

The story continues…

(Please read part one first)

Although the massive energy cord siphoning off my psychic energy had been cut, after several months I found that I still felt like that work was incomplete. I was able to practice my healing work just fine, but if I talked about my experience I would have a very intense reaction – like hyperventilating and severe anxiety. Also it bothered me that every time I looked down at my abdomen (with my “energy eyes”) I saw a yucky, festering, meaty nub the size of a dinner plate protruding about 2″ out from the right side of my abdomen. It was just as it had been when the Arch Angel Michael cut it off with his huge, gleaming sword. I had worked on it a few times as part of my self-healing practice, but I was unable to make any progress on it and I knew I needed help.

In early January help presented itself. My teacher, Barbara Clearbridge, was due to arrive in Port Townsend for a couple of weeks at the end of the month and asked if I needed anything. For several weeks I had been thinking that I really wanted to take third degree Reiki again from her (as a refresher), but she lived on the other side of the country… so this was the perfect opportunity!

I had a lot of studying to do. There is a lot of memorization of complex Japanese symbols and procedures for attunements, so I did a lot of homework (luckily I remembered a lot of it) and passed my testing sessions. During this process my concern that my healing was incomplete came up and I asked Barbara to have a look at my festering nub. She could see it too and was able to clean up and remove all that yucky energy and found a guide who would take it away, but as soon as it was gone she saw that there was more to it. It looked like a tap root that went up from my abdomen and was attached to the inside of my chest next to my heart. She said it was meant to be a false heart and that it looked like a rose at the attachment point. I was flabbergasted! “That’s what they used to say!” I practically yelled. “They said they were ‘blowing roses’!” And I showed her the motion they made of blowing across their hands. She pulled it all out of me and gave that energy to the guides to transform.

When she was finished I felt a lot lighter. Now I can talk about that experience as if it might have happened to someone else – it no longer holds any emotional charge. I am completely free of that trauma. Now THAT is deep healing!

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