Healing With Faery Spirits

My new Teacher, Jessica Macbeth has been a powerful healer all her life. She has taught many healers and is the author of many insightful books including “The Faeries Oracle” which is actually a book and card deck illustrated by Brian Froud and orchestrated by the Faeries, through Jessica. She is surrounded by them and they communicate freely with her.

I have been doing healing work with Jessica every week since the beginning of February and it has been amazing and beautiful to see her healing progress, my learning progress and to become acquainted with many helpful and curious Faeries. Some come simply out of curiosity while we do our work and when they are needed jump in to help. Others seem to have been with Jessica for many, many years and want to assist in any way they can. And there have been a few who have volunteered as specialists to assist with the specific issues we are dealing with in that healing session.

All of February, March and April we worked on Jessica’s Energy Field and Central Energy Channel. By the end of April I finally understood what we had been doing because it all started coming together and making sense. (I have found that it is not necessary to know where treatments are going, it can actually be detrimental to have pre-conceived ideas of what the goals of treatment are because you can miss the most important stuff. It is always best to listen and trust the guidance.)

Through our shared discussions about what I was seeing in her Energy Field it became clear that the Faeries had saved her life (at a time when she was close to death) by supporting her Energy Field through a Faery-based Energy System of their own, feeding it and maintaining it for more than 20 years. What I had been seeing through 3 months of work was a progression of bringing her energy field back to earth and stabilizing it so that it was flowing through her Central Energy Channel the way earth-based bodies are supposed to be supported – through the earth!

The Faeries’ energy system was beautiful and ethereal, but vibrated on a much higher frequency than an earth-based energy system, so her body suffered over all that time. The Faeries were happy to do it, but it was a lot of work and they were pleased that I was helping get her back to her own self-supported Energy System.

With her Energy System restored to the earthly realm it was time to begin work on Jessica’s physical body. A few weeks ago we began to address some of her physical discomforts and I saw a Faery I had never seen before. As I focused in on him I described him to Jessica and she did not seem to be acquainted with him either. He had a triangular deep green face with a pointy chin and big ivy-like leaves all around his head kind of like hair, but flat. His body was the same deep green, thin and long-limbed. He had a kind disposition, and was very curious about what I was doing. He told me his name was Mr. Bones. He was a teacher and had about 5 or 6 apprentices that peeked out from behind him to watch me work, too. I found out that they were studying my healing techniques because I am human and use different ways than they do.

The next week Mr. Bones and the apprentices were there again which was an interesting surprise, but not nearly as surprising as when I was working with a different client a few days later and they showed up! Until then I thought that all those Faeries were there only for Jessica, that she knew how to communicate with them and befriend them, but I had different guides…who were my guides…as if guides belong to anyone!

Spirit beings exist for the benefit of all, they come and go depending on where they are needed and none can fulfill every need. I doubt I will ever use the words “my guides” or “your guides” again!


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