Healing with Bee Faery – 3 Sessions

Session 1

During intake with a new client some challenges came up for me. She wanted me to look at some specific medical issues and I worried that I was unqualified not having taken any classes in Anatomy or Physiology, but she was a good friend so I agreed to check them out and see if I could get any information on her issues. I found myself struggling through it and feeling quite insecure (she wanted me to check for abdominal cancer first) when a Spirit Faery I had worked with before named Mr. Bones got my attention and looked like he was eager to help so I asked him to help me and he shot upward and away and I understood that he was going to find me a cancer specialist in spirit realm! That is when it became clear to me that I could ask for help in this way. I ask for help when I work all the time, but somehow I never thought to ask for a specialist who could advise on medical issues. As it turns out, Mr. Bones is talented at finding specialists! The cancer specialist came and showed me that there was no cancer in the area my client had requested I look (but of course I advised her to get checked out by a conventional Dr. as well – one should always get a second opinion).

Next she wanted me to look at her hip joint because she had chronic pain and had been unable to resolve it through massage and chiropractic. She was concerned about arthritis which I felt sure that I would recognize, having seen it before. I did not see arthritis, but I did see that the hip plate had significant damage to its protective layer of cartilage. It looked like the bottom was frayed and jagged and I could see some of the bits that had broken off still floating nearby, but knew that some had already been absorbed.

Then Bee Faery appeared and inspected the injury. She looked just like a fuzzy honey bee, but bigger and she wore a small-ish wide brimmed gardening hat. She showed me what was above the frayed bottom – a spider web fracturing on the hip plate which she went to work repairing with her saliva. It was bee saliva – like glue! She explained that the cellular structure of the cartilage was honey-comb shaped and easy for her to replicate and repair because it was totally compatible. Bee Faery worked on it for quite a while gluing all the fracture lines together very carefully. When she was done she said that my client needed to come back in 3 days and NO EXERCISE! My client is a professional athlete so this was a tall order, but with some discussion she reluctantly agreed.

Two days later I got a call from this client because she wanted to tell me what happened after our session. She said that she was feeling rather skeptical of the fracturing and fraying damage that I had seen. She didn’t believe that it was that bad because she was able to do a lot of movements without pain, there were just some things that hurt…like walking…and a few specific hip movements, so she googled for information and discovered that the fracturing and shredding of the cartilage on the hip plate had a name and the symptoms that went with that injury matched her symptoms “to a T”. She researched other hip injuries just to be sure and nothing else was an exact match like that one. She added that she found it even more impressive that I DIDN’T know the technical names of everything I was seeing!

Session 2

We did just as Bee Faery had advised and 3 days after the first session Bee came right away to continue work from last time. She inspected her bee saliva glue job on the fractured hip plate cartilage and it looked good (she congratulated my client on being careful!) so she began to seal it with a coating, like a thin layer of strong, yet supple bees wax. Then she injected a liquid under the outer coating that bonded the molecules of the cartilage to the bee saliva. It ran along all the fracture lines and bonded them, like superglue.

When she finished that she showed me the hip ball bone which was damaged from rubbing on the fractured cartilage. It looked bright white where it was damaged. That was a job for Mr. Bones (because he takes care of bones!) and could happen later, she was just showing me.

We went to work on the front bottom part of the plate cartilage which was an older part of the injury and was splintered and ragged looking. She began to replicate the cells of the cartilage which were also structured like honeycomb cells. She also was able to find and gather some of the cells that had broken off and were still nearby floating around. She glued them into place and used them as examples to help the replicating process. Cell by cell she rebuilt the cartilage as quickly as she could, but it was quite a process and took some time. She sculpted the edges and bottom carefully, making it nice and smooth and strong and had her worker bee helpers come and do some of the labor while she observed. It looked like she was getting low on glue-saliva. When the bulk of the labor was done the helpers flew away and Bee Faery put the finishing touches on it all making it smooth and perfect and well glued.

At this point questions came up about what activities my client could do (her athletic profession in particular) and Bee Faery shook her head “no” very seriously to her next scheduled event that was 3 days out. My client was starting to resist and dig in her heels because she really wanted to get back to work, but Bee Faery got just as adamant and threatened to quit if my client just threw away all her hard work by ruining it with exercise! The work Bee had just done was very delicate and the glue was still “wet”, it needed time to cure and then the coating needed to be put on and three days out was the best day to do that. My client apologized to Bee Faery and agreed to let go of her event and come back that day to finish the work. Bee said my client would be able to go back to work a couple days after that, but she would have to be gentle with her hip for a few months and not do the specific movements that caused pain and re-injury.  It looked like September first she would be able to go back to most of her normal activities if she was good and careful until then. After that she would need one year of non-stressful exercise, but then Bee said she could climb Mt. Everest if she wanted to! Bee Faery said that her hip would be stronger than ever if she stayed on this path of healing.

Then we thanked Bee and turned our attention to the hip ball bone and Mr. Bones got out his super monocle to really inspect the bone damage. He used the blood in the healthy part of the bone to heal the damaged part by bringing it out to the surface. The blood carried oxygen and minerals and white and red blood cells to repair and re-awaken the damaged area. It looked a bit like the live bone had color to it, but the damaged part was bright white – no blood in it. Bone is dense and energy moves more slowly in it, so his work was slower and took a lot of coaxing to get the blood cells to move. He called on his apprentices to help and they all put their hands on the outside of the bone at the injury to draw the blood cells while Mr. Bones coaxed the cells. My client thanked them and they did a happy feet dance. She also thanked Mr. Bones and called him “suave” which made him flush slightly, but he loved it! (All spirit beings love to be acknowledged and appreciated when they work!)

As they worked I could see the bone coming back to life and the white of the injury receding until it looked like it was all repaired. Then Mr. Bones turned it over to me to reconnect the electrical connections and get the repaired bone’s communications system to connect to the connective tissue and muscles and blood around it. He saw that it was slightly askew and grabbed the socket and the ball and turned them until they clunked into alignment which made all the electrical charges and communication also align and reconnect.

I finished up the session with some basic maintenance (filling her legs with Healing Energy, strengthening her energy flow and filling and sealing her energy field) and when it was done we thanked all the Spirit Beings who had helped and honored Bee Faery, Mr. Bones and the Apprentices in particular.

Session 3

Three days passed and when my client came she was very anxious to get on with it! She doesn’t do well with being limited especially when it comes to exercise. After inviting the spirit beings, honoring my door guardian and opening the Reiki Channels for healing I started with an overview and saw that the extra energy I filled into her energy field last time had escaped or been used up. She had a cold so at first I simply allowed the energy to fill that healing need. I also went to her crown to release some of the excess angst she was feeling.

Then we got to work on her hip. Bee Faery was there and inspected the spider web fracturing that she had finished up last time and she was satisfied with how it looked – strong and holding. Then she inspected the restructuring on the lower plate and it also looked good and was holding. She got to work sealing that part starting where she left off when sealing the fracturing area last time and also injected the curing formula that created a chemical bonding between the bee saliva glue and the cartilage. When that was done she started working in super speed crawling all over and coating the area. It reminded me of speeded up time-lapse photography.

While she did that Mr. Bones and the apprentices looked at the ball bone and saw that there was a little bit on the end that was still damaged so they got to work on it – the apprentices used blood cells outside the bone to heal that part and then we looked at the inside of the socket and saw what looked like fatty deposits and inflammation, but the apprentices couldn’t help with that so they called on a specialist who showed up in a white Dr. coat and got to work scraping off the fatty deposits and smoothing that area, then he gave it a very small injection of a steroid to calm the inflammation.

My client wanted me to look at the femur being out of alignment and another specialist was called – a chiropractor who saw that the ball was not properly in the socket. They showed me a move and every time I questioned it they showed me again. I consulted with my client about this move and she encouraged me to try it, so I had my client hop off the table and demonstrated what they showed me on myself as best I could. Then she got back on and tried to position herself the same way. Lying on her hip at the edge of the table and I put my fist right under her hip bone then rolled her hip onto my fist to push the ball into the socket. Once it seemed done she went to her back and I was shown pressure points by a new specialist massage therapist who was called in to help the muscles relax and allow the re-alignment to stay in. It still wasn’t quite right so I worked with the spirit helpers in their realm to get it to stay in place. We kept trying to get the ball into the socket like getting a trailer hitch to align, but it kept popping back out again. We finally got it as close as possible, but it didn’t feel secure.

Bee Faery finished her work and we thanked her and she flew away.

The Dr. also put a patch on the back side of the socket to increase the padding and stability.

My client informed me that she was going back to work in 2 days though she thought she had good awareness of which movements stressed out the injury and could avoid those.

Side note:
I would not have done the physical manipulation move described above on anyone but this client. I happen to know her very well and she really wanted to try it, so I was willing to oblige her. Also, I was very clear that nothing in these sessions should take the place of regular health care and she assured me that she had taken steps to have her medical concerns looked at by conventional doctors.

A few days later she told me that after going to her Chiropractor, they had been able to get her hip further into the socket than ever before and she felt very hopeful that lasting recovery may be close at hand.

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