Create Your Own Stone Oracle

I am becoming an author and it is very fun!

My first book is in the editing stage and is titled: Create Your own Stone Oracles. If you have an affinity for crystals, gems or rocks, why not deepen your connection with your own personal divination collection of crystals?

Here is an excerpt from Chapter 1:

What Makes an Oracle Come to Life?

The use of stones as a psychic tool for divining and/or influencing the future is called Lithomancy.

Reading stones, crystals and other small objects is similar to reading anything else (cards, tea leaves, bones, etc.) The trick to success in reading any oracle is to have a connection with whatever you choose to read. Creating your own oracle with clear intention is an easy way to form that connection.

When you create your own oracle, you create a very personalized pathway to the unlimited information in the universe. As your relationship with your oracle unfolds and you develop a deeper understanding of the complex messages it provides, the spark of creative energy that you used to form your oracle expands…and you expand with it. This is what makes an oracle come to life.

Jenny Jo's Crystal Oracle

Jenny Jo’s Crystal Oracle

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