Create Powerful Stone Oracles …needs your help to get published!

I have decided to self-publish my book and it is well on its way, but I need a little help from my friends to get it out of the editing stage and make it really awesome before it arrives in your hands.

Check out my 1 minute video by clicking the photo and/or click the link to pre-order a book, or get a psychic reading, or choose a KIT to get started on creating your own powerful set of crystals and runes.

Help my book get published by supporting my fundraising project on IndieGoGo. I want to share my knowledge on how to connect with the energy of stones for the purpose of doing psychic readings, because the more we intentionally connect our energy with other beings and with the earth (including stones), the more we raise the universal collective consciousness on our planet.

Thank you and big hugs for sharing!

Jenny Jo

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