November Events and Classes

Want to learn Reiki?
A day of learning gets you a lifetime of healing!

Reiki 1

Learning to heal with your hands using Reiki energy is natural, non-invasive, and practical.

Traditional Usui Reiki is taught in three segments called “degrees.” In this class you will become certified in First Degree Reiki by learning the history of this ancient healing method, how the Energy System in and around the body functions, Reiki hand positions, techniques for growing your natural intuition, hands-on practice, and more.
Come prepared to give healing and open yourself to receive healing.

Cost for Reiki 1: $95
Book for Reiki 1: $25 (required)
Saturday, Nov. 14th – 9:30am – 6:30pm in Port Townsend
Reserve by phone or email: (360) 643-1712 …

Connecting with Crystals books and kits are now available!

Print photobucket crystal kit book

 Buy the Book  Buy the Crystal Kit  Buy Local ♥ Connect on Facebook 

Bainbridge Island/Poulsbo/Silverdale ~ Sessions on Thursdays

Morning and afternoon sessions are now available every Thursday in Kitsap Co. at my private office in Poulsbo.

Call or email for an appointment: (360)643-1712 or

Ghost Story Investigations

Did that really happen?!

Bring your real-life ghost stories and spirit encounters to share at this informal group and get feedback on your experiences.
Monthly discussions… dates and locations vary so stay connected!
When: Nov. 18th at 6pm
Where: Sunrise Coffee in Port Townsend
Sponsored by: Port Townsend After Dark Tours

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