May 2017

Psychic Happy Hour

Get a Psychic Reading at Happy Hour prices!

Schedule a private 30 minute reading for $50 (a $15 savings) or 45 minutes for $75 (a $20 savings).

431Friday, May 5th ~ readings begin at 10am by appointment.

* Are you curious about your past lives?
* Want to meet your Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, or connect with a loved one who has passed?
* Uncertain about your life-path?

Call or text to schedule your reading: 360-643-1712
(Out of the area? I do phone readings, too!)

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Crystal Sale ~ Second Saturday

FREE energy alignment with purchase!

Wholesale prices on beautiful Healing Crystals & Jewelry

4-hour Flash Sale * 11:00 to 3:00 * Saturday, May 13th

616 Polk St. Uptown Port Townsend between Lawrence and Clay

April 2017

Psychic Happy Hour

Get a Psychic Reading at Happy Hour prices!520

Schedule a private 30 minute reading for $50 (a $15 savings) or 45 minutes for $75 (a $20 savings).

Friday, April 7th ~ readings begin at 10am by appointment.

* Are you curious about your past lives?
* Want to meet your Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, or connect with a loved one who has passed?
* Uncertain about your life-path?

Call or text to schedule your reading: 360-643-1712
(Out of the area? I do phone readings, too!)

***All sessions are by appointment***

Crystal Sale – Second Saturday

FREE energy alignment with purchase!

Wholesale prices on beautiful Healing Crystals & Jewelry

4-hour Flash Sale * 11:00 to 3:00 * Saturday, April 8th

616 Polk St. Uptown Port Townsend between Lawrence and Clay

November Events and Classes

Want to learn Reiki?
A day of learning gets you a lifetime of healing!

Reiki 1

Learning to heal with your hands using Reiki energy is natural, non-invasive, and practical.

Traditional Usui Reiki is taught in three segments called “degrees.” In this class you will become certified in First Degree Reiki by learning the history of this ancient healing method, how the Energy System in and around the body functions, Reiki hand positions, techniques for growing your natural intuition, hands-on practice, and more.
Come prepared to give healing and open yourself to receive healing.

Cost for Reiki 1: $95
Book for Reiki 1: $25 (required)
Saturday, Nov. 14th – 9:30am – 6:30pm in Port Townsend
Reserve by phone or email: (360) 643-1712 …

Connecting with Crystals books and kits are now available!

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Bainbridge Island/Poulsbo/Silverdale ~ Sessions on Thursdays

Morning and afternoon sessions are now available every Thursday in Kitsap Co. at my private office in Poulsbo.

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Ghost Story Investigations

Did that really happen?!

Bring your real-life ghost stories and spirit encounters to share at this informal group and get feedback on your experiences.
Monthly discussions… dates and locations vary so stay connected!
When: Nov. 18th at 6pm
Where: Sunrise Coffee in Port Townsend
Sponsored by: Port Townsend After Dark Tours

October Events

Honoring Intuition Flyer  Honoring Intuition ~ 4 weeks in October

Would you like to develop and control your intuition?

Grow & understand your natural intuition

Learn how to intentionally open and close your intuition doors

Understand how to be safe while exploring the intuitive realm

Learn how to feel and work with healing energies

Tuesdays in October 6:30 – 9pm, in Port Townsend

Cost: $140 ~ Pre-Register: (360)643-1712 or

Connecting with Crystals books and kits are now available!

Print photobucket crystal kit book

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psychic readings Special Offer for Locals

Join me at the Food Co-op in Port Townsend, two Fridays in October: 10/2/15 from 3-8pm and 10/16/15 from 3-8pm

Ghost Story Investigations

Did that really happen?!

Bring your real-life ghost stories and spirit encounters to share at this informal group and get feedback on your experiences.
Monthly discussions… dates and locations vary so stay connected!
When: Oct. 21 at 6pm
Where: Sunrise Coffee in Port Townsend
Sponsored by: Port Townsend After Dark Tours

Bainbridge Island/Poulsbo/Silverdale ~ Sessions on Thursdays

Morning and afternoon sessions are now available every Thursday in Kitsap Co. at my private office in Poulsbo.

Call or email for an appointment: (360)643-1712 or

September Events

Connecting with Crystals Book Release Event!

  • Meet the Author Book Signing with Refreshments (Free)
    Friday, Sept. 18th, 5-7pm at the Bishop Victorian Hotel – Lobby
  • Connecting with Crystals Presentation and Book Signing
    Saturday, Sept. 19th, 3-5pm
    Just show up at the Bishop Victorian Hotel, or pre-register and SAVE $5 on the book!
  • Hands-on Workshop – Includes the Book, Crystal Kit & a Delicious Light Meal
    Saturday, Sept. 19th, 5:30-8:30 at the Bishop Victorian Hotel – Pre-Registration Required.
  • Book a private session with Jenny Jo on Sunday, Sept. 20th – (360) 643-1712

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Psychic Fairs

Emerald Spiral Expo in Kent, WA. Saturday, Sept. 26th 9am-5pm – Free Admission.

The Emerald Spiral Expo is one of the largest psychic fairs in the Pacific Northwest with a full line-up of speakers – including ME! See the line-up here. I will also be giving psychic readings & selling my new book Connecting with Crystals.

Home Visit Sessions in Seattle

Schedule a private home visit to clear unhelpful energy in your home, or receive a psychic reading, healing session, or pet session in the comfort of your home. Sunday, Sept. 27th – by appointment – (360) 643-1712.

Ghost Adventures at Manresa Castle Immersion for the TV Episode Airing 9-5-15

Saturday, Sept. 5th meet at 5:30pm in the Lounge at Manresa Castle in Port Townsend for an immersion showing of the TV episode of Ghost Adventures that was filmed last January in Port Townsend. FREE, but reserve here – seating is limited!

After the show take a real Ghost Tour of Downtown Port Townsend with Port Townsend After Dark walking tours.

Healing with Bee Faery – 3 Sessions

Session 1

During intake with a new client some challenges came up for me. She wanted me to look at some specific medical issues and I worried that I was unqualified not having taken any classes in Anatomy or Physiology, but she was a good friend so I agreed to check them out and see if I could get any information on her issues. I found myself struggling through it and feeling quite insecure (she wanted me to check for abdominal cancer first) when a Spirit Faery I had worked with before named Mr. Bones got my attention and looked like he was eager to help so I asked him to help me and he shot upward and away and I understood that he was going to find me a cancer specialist in spirit realm! That is when it became clear to me that I could ask for help in this way. I ask for help when I work all the time, but somehow I never thought to ask for a specialist who could advise on medical issues. As it turns out, Mr. Bones is talented at finding specialists! The cancer specialist came and showed me that there was no cancer in the area my client had requested I look (but of course I advised her to get checked out by a conventional Dr. as well – one should always get a second opinion).

Next she wanted me to look at her hip joint because she had chronic pain and had been unable to resolve it through massage and chiropractic. She was concerned about arthritis which I felt sure that I would recognize, having seen it before. I did not see arthritis, but I did see that the hip plate had significant damage to its protective layer of cartilage. It looked like the bottom was frayed and jagged and I could see some of the bits that had broken off still floating nearby, but knew that some had already been absorbed.

Then Bee Faery appeared and inspected the injury. She looked just like a fuzzy honey bee, but bigger and she wore a small-ish wide brimmed gardening hat. She showed me what was above the frayed bottom – a spider web fracturing on the hip plate which she went to work repairing with her saliva. It was bee saliva – like glue! She explained that the cellular structure of the cartilage was honey-comb shaped and easy for her to replicate and repair because it was totally compatible. Bee Faery worked on it for quite a while gluing all the fracture lines together very carefully. When she was done she said that my client needed to come back in 3 days and NO EXERCISE! My client is a professional athlete so this was a tall order, but with some discussion she reluctantly agreed.

Two days later I got a call from this client because she wanted to tell me what happened after our session. She said that she was feeling rather skeptical of the fracturing and fraying damage that I had seen. She didn’t believe that it was that bad because she was able to do a lot of movements without pain, there were just some things that hurt…like walking…and a few specific hip movements, so she googled for information and discovered that the fracturing and shredding of the cartilage on the hip plate had a name and the symptoms that went with that injury matched her symptoms “to a T”. She researched other hip injuries just to be sure and nothing else was an exact match like that one. She added that she found it even more impressive that I DIDN’T know the technical names of everything I was seeing!

Session 2

We did just as Bee Faery had advised and 3 days after the first session Bee came right away to continue work from last time. She inspected her bee saliva glue job on the fractured hip plate cartilage and it looked good (she congratulated my client on being careful!) so she began to seal it with a coating, like a thin layer of strong, yet supple bees wax. Then she injected a liquid under the outer coating that bonded the molecules of the cartilage to the bee saliva. It ran along all the fracture lines and bonded them, like superglue.

When she finished that she showed me the hip ball bone which was damaged from rubbing on the fractured cartilage. It looked bright white where it was damaged. That was a job for Mr. Bones (because he takes care of bones!) and could happen later, she was just showing me.

We went to work on the front bottom part of the plate cartilage which was an older part of the injury and was splintered and ragged looking. She began to replicate the cells of the cartilage which were also structured like honeycomb cells. She also was able to find and gather some of the cells that had broken off and were still nearby floating around. She glued them into place and used them as examples to help the replicating process. Cell by cell she rebuilt the cartilage as quickly as she could, but it was quite a process and took some time. She sculpted the edges and bottom carefully, making it nice and smooth and strong and had her worker bee helpers come and do some of the labor while she observed. It looked like she was getting low on glue-saliva. When the bulk of the labor was done the helpers flew away and Bee Faery put the finishing touches on it all making it smooth and perfect and well glued.

At this point questions came up about what activities my client could do (her athletic profession in particular) and Bee Faery shook her head “no” very seriously to her next scheduled event that was 3 days out. My client was starting to resist and dig in her heels because she really wanted to get back to work, but Bee Faery got just as adamant and threatened to quit if my client just threw away all her hard work by ruining it with exercise! The work Bee had just done was very delicate and the glue was still “wet”, it needed time to cure and then the coating needed to be put on and three days out was the best day to do that. My client apologized to Bee Faery and agreed to let go of her event and come back that day to finish the work. Bee said my client would be able to go back to work a couple days after that, but she would have to be gentle with her hip for a few months and not do the specific movements that caused pain and re-injury.  It looked like September first she would be able to go back to most of her normal activities if she was good and careful until then. After that she would need one year of non-stressful exercise, but then Bee said she could climb Mt. Everest if she wanted to! Bee Faery said that her hip would be stronger than ever if she stayed on this path of healing.

Then we thanked Bee and turned our attention to the hip ball bone and Mr. Bones got out his super monocle to really inspect the bone damage. He used the blood in the healthy part of the bone to heal the damaged part by bringing it out to the surface. The blood carried oxygen and minerals and white and red blood cells to repair and re-awaken the damaged area. It looked a bit like the live bone had color to it, but the damaged part was bright white – no blood in it. Bone is dense and energy moves more slowly in it, so his work was slower and took a lot of coaxing to get the blood cells to move. He called on his apprentices to help and they all put their hands on the outside of the bone at the injury to draw the blood cells while Mr. Bones coaxed the cells. My client thanked them and they did a happy feet dance. She also thanked Mr. Bones and called him “suave” which made him flush slightly, but he loved it! (All spirit beings love to be acknowledged and appreciated when they work!)

As they worked I could see the bone coming back to life and the white of the injury receding until it looked like it was all repaired. Then Mr. Bones turned it over to me to reconnect the electrical connections and get the repaired bone’s communications system to connect to the connective tissue and muscles and blood around it. He saw that it was slightly askew and grabbed the socket and the ball and turned them until they clunked into alignment which made all the electrical charges and communication also align and reconnect.

I finished up the session with some basic maintenance (filling her legs with Healing Energy, strengthening her energy flow and filling and sealing her energy field) and when it was done we thanked all the Spirit Beings who had helped and honored Bee Faery, Mr. Bones and the Apprentices in particular.

Session 3

Three days passed and when my client came she was very anxious to get on with it! She doesn’t do well with being limited especially when it comes to exercise. After inviting the spirit beings, honoring my door guardian and opening the Reiki Channels for healing I started with an overview and saw that the extra energy I filled into her energy field last time had escaped or been used up. She had a cold so at first I simply allowed the energy to fill that healing need. I also went to her crown to release some of the excess angst she was feeling.

Then we got to work on her hip. Bee Faery was there and inspected the spider web fracturing that she had finished up last time and she was satisfied with how it looked – strong and holding. Then she inspected the restructuring on the lower plate and it also looked good and was holding. She got to work sealing that part starting where she left off when sealing the fracturing area last time and also injected the curing formula that created a chemical bonding between the bee saliva glue and the cartilage. When that was done she started working in super speed crawling all over and coating the area. It reminded me of speeded up time-lapse photography.

While she did that Mr. Bones and the apprentices looked at the ball bone and saw that there was a little bit on the end that was still damaged so they got to work on it – the apprentices used blood cells outside the bone to heal that part and then we looked at the inside of the socket and saw what looked like fatty deposits and inflammation, but the apprentices couldn’t help with that so they called on a specialist who showed up in a white Dr. coat and got to work scraping off the fatty deposits and smoothing that area, then he gave it a very small injection of a steroid to calm the inflammation.

My client wanted me to look at the femur being out of alignment and another specialist was called – a chiropractor who saw that the ball was not properly in the socket. They showed me a move and every time I questioned it they showed me again. I consulted with my client about this move and she encouraged me to try it, so I had my client hop off the table and demonstrated what they showed me on myself as best I could. Then she got back on and tried to position herself the same way. Lying on her hip at the edge of the table and I put my fist right under her hip bone then rolled her hip onto my fist to push the ball into the socket. Once it seemed done she went to her back and I was shown pressure points by a new specialist massage therapist who was called in to help the muscles relax and allow the re-alignment to stay in. It still wasn’t quite right so I worked with the spirit helpers in their realm to get it to stay in place. We kept trying to get the ball into the socket like getting a trailer hitch to align, but it kept popping back out again. We finally got it as close as possible, but it didn’t feel secure.

Bee Faery finished her work and we thanked her and she flew away.

The Dr. also put a patch on the back side of the socket to increase the padding and stability.

My client informed me that she was going back to work in 2 days though she thought she had good awareness of which movements stressed out the injury and could avoid those.

Side note:
I would not have done the physical manipulation move described above on anyone but this client. I happen to know her very well and she really wanted to try it, so I was willing to oblige her. Also, I was very clear that nothing in these sessions should take the place of regular health care and she assured me that she had taken steps to have her medical concerns looked at by conventional doctors.

A few days later she told me that after going to her Chiropractor, they had been able to get her hip further into the socket than ever before and she felt very hopeful that lasting recovery may be close at hand.

Healing With Faery Spirits

My new Teacher, Jessica Macbeth has been a powerful healer all her life. She has taught many healers and is the author of many insightful books including “The Faeries Oracle” which is actually a book and card deck illustrated by Brian Froud and orchestrated by the Faeries, through Jessica. She is surrounded by them and they communicate freely with her.

I have been doing healing work with Jessica every week since the beginning of February and it has been amazing and beautiful to see her healing progress, my learning progress and to become acquainted with many helpful and curious Faeries. Some come simply out of curiosity while we do our work and when they are needed jump in to help. Others seem to have been with Jessica for many, many years and want to assist in any way they can. And there have been a few who have volunteered as specialists to assist with the specific issues we are dealing with in that healing session.

All of February, March and April we worked on Jessica’s Energy Field and Central Energy Channel. By the end of April I finally understood what we had been doing because it all started coming together and making sense. (I have found that it is not necessary to know where treatments are going, it can actually be detrimental to have pre-conceived ideas of what the goals of treatment are because you can miss the most important stuff. It is always best to listen and trust the guidance.)

Through our shared discussions about what I was seeing in her Energy Field it became clear that the Faeries had saved her life (at a time when she was close to death) by supporting her Energy Field through a Faery-based Energy System of their own, feeding it and maintaining it for more than 20 years. What I had been seeing through 3 months of work was a progression of bringing her energy field back to earth and stabilizing it so that it was flowing through her Central Energy Channel the way earth-based bodies are supposed to be supported – through the earth!

The Faeries’ energy system was beautiful and ethereal, but vibrated on a much higher frequency than an earth-based energy system, so her body suffered over all that time. The Faeries were happy to do it, but it was a lot of work and they were pleased that I was helping get her back to her own self-supported Energy System.

With her Energy System restored to the earthly realm it was time to begin work on Jessica’s physical body. A few weeks ago we began to address some of her physical discomforts and I saw a Faery I had never seen before. As I focused in on him I described him to Jessica and she did not seem to be acquainted with him either. He had a triangular deep green face with a pointy chin and big ivy-like leaves all around his head kind of like hair, but flat. His body was the same deep green, thin and long-limbed. He had a kind disposition, and was very curious about what I was doing. He told me his name was Mr. Bones. He was a teacher and had about 5 or 6 apprentices that peeked out from behind him to watch me work, too. I found out that they were studying my healing techniques because I am human and use different ways than they do.

The next week Mr. Bones and the apprentices were there again which was an interesting surprise, but not nearly as surprising as when I was working with a different client a few days later and they showed up! Until then I thought that all those Faeries were there only for Jessica, that she knew how to communicate with them and befriend them, but I had different guides…who were my guides…as if guides belong to anyone!

Spirit beings exist for the benefit of all, they come and go depending on where they are needed and none can fulfill every need. I doubt I will ever use the words “my guides” or “your guides” again!


Finding My Own Light – Part 2

The story continues…

(Please read part one first)

Although the massive energy cord siphoning off my psychic energy had been cut, after several months I found that I still felt like that work was incomplete. I was able to practice my healing work just fine, but if I talked about my experience I would have a very intense reaction – like hyperventilating and severe anxiety. Also it bothered me that every time I looked down at my abdomen (with my “energy eyes”) I saw a yucky, festering, meaty nub the size of a dinner plate protruding about 2″ out from the right side of my abdomen. It was just as it had been when the Arch Angel Michael cut it off with his huge, gleaming sword. I had worked on it a few times as part of my self-healing practice, but I was unable to make any progress on it and I knew I needed help.

In early January help presented itself. My teacher, Barbara Clearbridge, was due to arrive in Port Townsend for a couple of weeks at the end of the month and asked if I needed anything. For several weeks I had been thinking that I really wanted to take third degree Reiki again from her (as a refresher), but she lived on the other side of the country… so this was the perfect opportunity!

I had a lot of studying to do. There is a lot of memorization of complex Japanese symbols and procedures for attunements, so I did a lot of homework (luckily I remembered a lot of it) and passed my testing sessions. During this process my concern that my healing was incomplete came up and I asked Barbara to have a look at my festering nub. She could see it too and was able to clean up and remove all that yucky energy and found a guide who would take it away, but as soon as it was gone she saw that there was more to it. It looked like a tap root that went up from my abdomen and was attached to the inside of my chest next to my heart. She said it was meant to be a false heart and that it looked like a rose at the attachment point. I was flabbergasted! “That’s what they used to say!” I practically yelled. “They said they were ‘blowing roses’!” And I showed her the motion they made of blowing across their hands. She pulled it all out of me and gave that energy to the guides to transform.

When she was finished I felt a lot lighter. Now I can talk about that experience as if it might have happened to someone else – it no longer holds any emotional charge. I am completely free of that trauma. Now THAT is deep healing!

Zeke’s Ancient Cat-God Guide

In 2002 I was visiting one of my best friends and after I came into the house she told me that her cat, Zeke was not doing well. He was about 4 years old and was normally a healthy indoor/outdoor cat who hunted and ran around on their 12 acres freely.
She worried that he might have been hit by a car. He hadn’t moved from the chair he was curled up on for 2 days and she had been forcing water with an eye-dropper every few hours.
I asked if I could work on him and she said yes right away, so I kneeled in front of him and opened the Reiki channels with the Reiki symbols for physical and emotional healing. I began sharing healing energy without touching his body – I didn’t want him to have any additional discomfort.
I always invite my client’s Angels &/or Spirit Guides to assist with healing and sharing of information and to my surprise Zeke had an amazing guide! I felt the energy surge just before I saw his guide zoom in from above, flying like a dragon but without wings, just a long whip-snakey tail and his face looked very similar to a Chinese Dragon with the colors and the moustache-wiskers.
He started screaming like an angry cat, “RRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAEEEEERRRRRRRRRR” and I knew that it was an ancient cat language. I tried to understand what he was saying but I couldn’t, so I said out loud to him that I couldn’t understand him and that he should just do what needed to be done and I would be the channel for it.
The energy that passed through me into Zeke was extremely powerful and fast, lasting 5-10 minutes and then the cat guide flew away and the energy subsided. I felt that we were finished so I thanked all (the guides and angels) who were present and thanked Zeke’s Ancient Cat God Guide in particular and got up to wash my hands (part of my letting go of connection to spirit ritual).
When I came back, my friend was sitting next to Zeke and he had his head up and was looking around. She was petting him softly and as we were talking he struggled to his feet and gingerly jumped off the chair, heading to the kitty door a few feet away.

Here is a picture of Zeke today, 11 years later!

Zeke now - 2013

Zeke now – 2013

Finding my own light…

I am finally doing my work, the work I am meant to do! Last Saturday, Sept. 14th, 2013 I saw 11 people for healing sessions at a local Psychic Fair – I spent about 7 hours in the spirit realm…too much, yes, but AMAZING!!!


After I completed my training in 2002 I began my healing practice, but it didn’t go at all well. I gave up after a few months and limited my practice to friends and family…until now.


Reconnecting with my Intuitive Healing teacher, Barbara Clearbridge this spring was the first step on my journey to resolving one of my most debilitating life-events and to creating a new beginning for myself. Not long after we reconnected on email I began to find answers to the questions I had about not being able to do my healing work. Where was the block? Why did I feel so inadequate and insecure around it? Why did I attract so many weird interactions when I was practicing?


I spent some time thinking/meditating on it while in a relaxed state in bed, then began googling “psychic” and spent a bit of time on that, reading and researching. Then I started thinking really hard about when I began my psychic training the first time, when I was 22. It was a horrible experience with the WA Psychic Institute which was actually the “Church of Divine Man” in Tacoma, WA. On the last class of the first training hurdle in becoming a certified psychic (Meditation 1), I was whisked away from the group on arrival, and told that they had to do a “psychic cleansing” on me. I thought it was weird, but then thought maybe everyone was getting that and it was part of the class. I was wrong! I was taken to a large room with dim lighting and 5 folding chairs facing 1 folding chair…guess which chair I got to sit in?

(background info: the Reverend’s wife was my teacher – can’t remember her name and I was a couple months pregnant with my first child, also the classes were in the evening and extremely boring so I often fell asleep in class)

After I was seated, they brought in 5 people (I think all women) from the graduating class which would have been their 3rd year of training. They sat facing me in the 5 chairs. They started waving their hands around and doing the “psychic cleansing” while the Rev. Reggie and his wife (my teacher) stood behind them. Reggie started pacing back and forth behind the psychics and shooting accusations at me. Every time I tried to respond or defend myself he would interrupt me with another accusation until finally I decided to put my head down and be quiet until it was over. The only two accusations I remember were that I tried to take over the class and that I had brought an evil spirit from the CA Psychic Institute into their midst who wanted to sabotage and take over their church.

When he was finished, he told me I was cleansed and allowed to join the potluck celebration we were having for completing the first class. I grabbed my potluck dish and went straight to my car to go home.

A couple months later I heard from an acquaintance that the Rev. Reggie had “resigned” (I put it in quotes because I think it was a forced resignation) and the parent church in Everett had taken it over, and not long after that the Tacoma church was disbanded altogether.


So, as I focused in on that event I realized that I needed to heal it. I googled the Church of Divine Man and got the phone number for the Everett chapter, but there was no answer so I decided to fill in the website form requesting contact. I wrote a nice letter, apologized for the previous contact I had made seeking resolution several years earlier because I had been extremely angry with the person who answered that call, and she was defensive of course, so resolution was not reached then. I also requested that a person with history and knowledge of the Tacoma church please contact me and that an apology from the church would go a long way in my healing process.

(Well, I didn’t hear back for several weeks and by then I had found permanent healing in a different way, but the response was by email and apologetic and seemed fairly sincere.)


Only days later, after talking about it with one of a very few friends that I had ever told that story to, I was able to catch a glimpse of an energy cord that was coming from my midriff and going off into space and I had a fleeting thought that it could be attached to the Rev. Reggie. I was not able to focus on the cord and knew that I could not heal it myself, I needed help from another clairvoyant healer, someone who would be willing to be led by me, so I called a psychic hotline I had found in my earlier web searches called “Psychic Source” and looked for the right person. When I found her I paid for 30 minutes and she took my call right away – thank goodness because I could hardly breathe I was freaking so bad! She was awesome and I told her the whole story and then I couldn’t talk anymore (as if my vocal cords were not allowed to work), so she started talking and then I got my voice back and saw the energy cord and it was HUGE and I asked her if she saw it and then she said the Arch Angel Michael was there with his huge gleaming sword and as she was saying that he could cut it if I wanted him to I said that he was already swinging the sword and then it was done! But then there was a loose energy cord swinging around in space like a loose air-hose with golden light spraying out of it so I quickly asked (the spirits) that the residual energy from that cord be taken and used for the highest and best good in the universe. Then I looked down and I had a huge open nub the size of a dinner plate and looking like a cut umbilical cord attached to the right of my navel, it was all oozey and gross so I asked my guides to heal it and they all (13) came and patted poultice and salve on it and kissed it with their magic healing powers and wrapped their loving arms around me and gave me so much love and gratitude and congratulations for a job well done!

I thanked the psychic and went to bed for the rest of the day and night, I was absolutely exhausted.


The next day I could feel how powerful I really was/am. All of my psychic energy was staying in my energy field for the first time in 24 years.

That was the end of June.


I have thought long and hard about that cord and the fact that I was not allowed to tell about that incident and just last night (Sunday) after working with all those 11 people on Saturday, I finally understood how energy cords work. They are formed by agreement. I allowed that man to take my psychic energy and I agreed not to talk about it and not to look at it in the moment it was formed. I stopped talking while he was interrogating me and put my head down and waited silently for him to finish sucking my psychic power away, then I went away quietly and the cord was secured.

(I have wondered how many others he did that to…in my telling of the interrogation since the healing, I usually add that the other people in the class were absolute zombies and I couldn’t figure what gutter they dragged them out of to attend class, but now I am getting an idea…their life-force was being syphoned off by the bad Rev. energy-vampire Reggie, too! Do you think it would be naughty of me to find him in spirit realm and cut all the energy cords he is still sucking off of? Tempting. Perhaps in a little more time when I am stronger.)


So, now I am free. I have chosen differently. We all have that choice and the power to make it so.


In only 2 1/2 months I have catapulted to where I am now. I feel so happy and blessed and thankful.


I am especially thankful for all Barbara taught me and all she gave me: a safe environment for learning and exploring, for increasing my awareness and control and for trusting myself and the universal information, among other things!Image