“Oh my! I feel something new. My energy is abundant. I am standing upright. My back and hips don’t hurt. I’m not as slumped over.  I feel lighter, almost light headed. And, I feel a positive charge to myself that is new. I feel electric!”

“I felt drawn immediately to Jenny’s humble yet powerful presence. Her words opened me to a very different and positive understanding of myself and my existence in the universe. Ever since, I have felt more open to receiving the love and connection around me, and I have felt “healed” in a sense that I didn’t even know I was missing. Much thanks to her for sharing her gift with humanity!”
~Miranda H.

“I always feel better after I talk to you, Jenny.”
~ L.M.

“Jenny, I’ve never known anyone like you before. I guess you could take that different ways. What I mean is, not only your inner gifts being so very brilliant, but your remarkable…humbleness. You have related to me as if I am a dear sister of yours. As if I am a loved one. This alone is immeasurably healing for me. I really thank you for [sharing with me] about realizing my true potential. I am beginning to fully embrace, “the immense power I am in the light”, as you so beautifully put it. Yes, I needed to hear that. Here I am pinching myself again. Something so, so, so familiar…and yet dreamlike. I do know that I am waking up to the light within me. And I’ll always have a place for you in my heart for making this journey with me.”
~ Malana

“Jenny is an Amazing and Accurate Psychic Medium. She has a warm confident Aura that makes you feel that you are surrounded in Unconditional Love.”
~Samantha P.

“I feel so blessed to have met Jenny. In basically only one session she has supported me in releasing blocks/pain, that I have “carried” for years. As well as, shared vital practices in order to enhance my connection with the Universe, and my Intuition. I see, and feel practical powerful changes. Her kind, loving, generous spirit fosters healing. In Love, and Gratitude”
~Lilly T.

I am still reeling from our session! 🙂 You are amazing. I felt truly blessed.
~ Jeannie

Thank you for your book! I started reading it last night, assembled my dusty crystals, rinsed them and placed them outside in filtered water just in time for the eclipse. I am studying the advice you set forth and feeling like getting back into my intuitive nature. In gratitude. ❤
~ Karen

“I am very grateful for your work and the messages I receive from you!  Thank you!!”
~ Laura

“How blessed i feel to have discovered you online as you are an inspiring soul whose efforts empower. By living your light in such a positive way you move others to manifest their own dreams. I applaud that which you have achieved and that which you aspire to. Know that you have a greater impact than you realize and that you are making a difference. I celebrate all that you are. Thank you for everything you are putting forth. I wish you joy and happiness.”
~ Micheal T.

“Good morning Jenny,
I wanted to let you know I just had my annual blood tests done and my thyroid test was normal for the first time in four years… yay! Before that it indicated hypothyroid. Thanks again for your wonderful help.”
~Jo B.

“Hi Jenny!
Since we last spoke, several things have happened in an artist way for me.
Saying yes to the Bali trip was a good move.  Finding myself saying yes to other things.  For example, I said yes to being a demonstrator for Art’s Alive! (A community art show, some of which is juried).
I submitted 3 pieces of art and I found out today that I sold a painting!
Created a Quick FB page about my lamp shades and will start a Pin page soon:)
All these examples are demonstrations in which the universe is supporting me.
A big thank you for being supportive in my beginnings:).”

“I came quite spontaneously to see Jenny at a Fair. I sat down and my deep hearts concerns came flowing out. She understood! She asked a few questions. She shared what she was seeing around my heart, which felt so right! With spirit guides she facilitated a healing. I felt deeply heard, touched, with huge energy shifts. She is an amazing woman.”
~Jeanie B.

“She is an authentic person. She understands her craft and shares with you how to find what is deep inside you.”
~Keith B.

“I am so glad I came to see you [for healing]. I felt so good for weeks after our session.”
~ S.H.

“Now I have hope!”
~ S.R.
“I am continuing to make improvements through the clairvoyant healing offered by Jenny Allen. Jenny is helping me see many things about why I’ve gone through what I have. She can also see things internally in my system that the doctors do not. Through some simple changes in my vitamin & mineral regime and her healing touch, I am grateful to be making such big improvements. My digestion, skin and back issues are all improving, as well as a mental clarity (to not feel stuck). Thank you! Thank you Jenny for helping me get my life back & for helping me grow beyond where I was!”
~ Laura
“I have known Jenny for a few years, and really made a deeper connection with her in the summer of 2013. When we saw each other a few weeks ago, she offered a phone session with me since we don’t live near each other. This morning magic happened. She tuned in and gifted me with the information I needed to move forward on my personal journey of healing, both my body and soul. She shared info about the nature of my relationship with my daughter and how to heal it. Questions did not need to be asked as she intuited them before they were spoken. Bless your heart Jenny. I am deeply moved and eternally grateful. ❤️”
~ Quija
After an informal healing session at my in-laws home where I simply shared Reiki, Grandma Betty said, “Now that is real love!”
She was in her 80’s at the time.

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