Psychic Summit Webinar

FIVE Voices Sharing Cosmic Truth on these Tumultuous Current Events from the 
Higher Consciousness Perspective 

Thank you to all who attended!
…Stay tuned for more Psychic Summits coming soon!
Here is the feedback from the Summit…

[The Psychic Summit] “Was a joyful experience, picking one card, came up with this one, very perceptive I thought.
Blessings!” ~ Kelly

“Thank you so much for your web seminar. It was precisely what I needed, at precisely the right time. Fanny tipped me off. She has told me she has worked with you and gotten a lot of help from you!” 🙂 
Kind regards, Nikolina

“Thank you so much for allowing me to join today’s summit.  It was amazing! What a lovely bunch of women you have around you!” 
Blessings, Lynette

 Hear for yourself the 5 Psychic Perspectives on:

•  The Triple Eclipse 30 days we are in right now
•   What the Cosmic Beings of Light have to say about it all… the protests, pandemic & heightened anxiety
•   How to harness this energy of change to manifest the life you want for yourself
• Best advice for protection, self-nurturing & Aligning your Light Body to optimize your health and happiness
•  Open Q&A at the end ~ bring your questions!

   PLUS ~ is it time to buckle our seatbelts?! Let’s ask the Galactic Council of Light Beings what’s in store for us humans?!

Meet the 5 Psychics

Jenny Jo Allen, Clairvoyant

 Jenny Jo Allen is a Clairvoyant Healer, Medical Intuitive, Psychic Medium and Author of Connecting with Crystals. 
Psychic Summit Perspective: Jenny holds the Fabric of Unification and brings the Light Healing perspective.
Connect with Jenny – or
 Join Jenny’s Facebook Group for Intuitive Women  @ConnectedSoulHealing 

Maria Bearden, Healer

Maria Bearden is a Reiki Master, Universal Channeler of Extraterrestrial Light Beings through Light Language Vocalizations and a gifted Divine Flame Healer.
Psychic Summit Perspective: Maria is our Dimensional Gateway Protector and brings the Cosmic Spirit perspective.    
Connect with Maria 

Susan Diaz-Romero, Astrologer

Susan Diaz-Romero is a Clairvoyant Intuitive Medium with an extensive background in Astrology. Susan also uses her huge collection of Tarot & Oracle cards in Psychic Readings.
Psychic Summit Perspective: Susan is our Truth-Fire Activator and brings the Channeled Astrology perspective.   
Connect with Susan –   360-774-1025

Randelle Hamm, Akashic Reader

Randelle Hamm is a gifted Soul – Reader through the Akashic Records.
Psychic Summit Perspective: Randelle provides High Vibrational Clarity and brings the Akashic Soul of        Humanity perspective.        
Connect with Randelle –

Terra Nicolle, Life Coach

Terra Nicolle  as a Holistic Life Coach, Terra is a Path Finder, guiding others to their own best selves with    Inspired Intuitive Empowerment practices.
Psychic Summit Perspective: Terra is our Grounding Rod! She is the Happiness Coach with Deep Insights.      
Connect with Terra –

Our country’s experience is so intense right now PLUS we are in the midst of a triple eclipse month… dark times!
What we need is reassurance, guidance and hope, but intelligent women also seek “the truth,” so we are getting together to provide FIVE voices on Cosmic Truth from the higher consciousness perspective – and YOU are invited!

Disclaimer: Any information that may be found anywhere on this site is not presented as a substitute, nor intended to be a substitute for medical advice, treatment, or diagnosis. I believe in the power of complementary healing and always encourage seeking the advice of a medical professional in a timely manner.  Do not delay seeking medical advice because of anything you may have read or videos you have seen on

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