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Kyanite Pendant

Blue Kyanite is the cleaner and clearer of negativity. Powerful at removing blockages and heaviness in your energy field when worn and actively worked with for several weeks. Keeps energy from becoming stagnant when placed in rooms where people’s energy is dense, heavy, or stubbornly dark. Works wonders with the Throat Chakra – opening channels for speaking your truth and cutting through fear.
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Kyanite Pendant

Beautiful wire-wrapped Blue Kyanite pendant with adjustable length Silk string. $17 plus shipping. Make sure you provide a shipping address and contact info when you make your payment!


Kunzite Bracelet

This light pink crystal shines with a gentle yet brilliant positive light, lifting your mood, alleviating depression and anxiety and helping you with resiliency by strengthening your Energy Field (Aura). It is said to reduce panic attacks when placed on the Heart Chakra or Solar Plexus Chakra. Kunzite also helps to heal the immune system, circulatory system and the heart muscle. Brighten your day!

Kunzite Bracelet

Stretchy adult size bracelet with soft chunks of light pink Kunzite. Enhance your happiness, reduce anxiety, boost your immunity, heal your circulatory system. $15 plus $7 shipping.


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