Connecting with Crystals Book & Kit

Do you love crystals?

Learn how to FEEL Crystal Energies and connect more easily with your own Intuition with my easy to read book, Connecting with Crystals!

I am really loving reading your book! It is such a fantastic resource and just what I needed to read right now. Thanks for your wonderful work in this world. ~Leah

Full of color photos, Connecting with Crystals also has guided meditations for increasing your intuition and sensitivity to Crystals. You will love all the personal experiences I share, and the easy to follow instructions on how to deeply “listen” to Crystals. You will learn how to care for your crystals, plus give intuitive readings with Crystals… and Modern Rune Symbols that you create for yourself!

Get Connecting with Crystals on Amazon, or get a signed copy and a FREE crystal bracelet when you order it below… $14.95 plus $8 shipping.

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What’s even better?  The Connecting with Crystals Kit!

The Kit contains everything you need to become a Crystal Whisperer and give amazing Crystal Readings! Scroll down… $44.95 plus $14 shipping.

Connecting with Crystals Book – plus a FREE crystal bracelet!

As a thank you for buying directly from me, the author, I will include a FREE crystal bracelet and sign your new book!


Connecting with Crystals Kit – plus a FREE crystal bracelet!

This Kit contains everything you need to complete all the exercises in the book and start giving Crystal Readings and Rune Readings, plus a FREE crystal bracelet! Your KIT contains: 1 Connecting with Crystals Book, 1 Reversible Layout with Velvet on one side (colors vary) & Tri-Subject Layout on the other, 1 Set of 12 Crystals in an organza bag, 1 Set of 12 blank stones ready to make into Runes, plus your free crystal bracelet. Have fun!


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