Clearing Blocked Energy

In January, 2016 I was talking to a friend who I went to visit at the Tucson Gem show in Arizona. I mentioned to him that although normally I am highly sensitive to crystal energies, since my arrival at the show I hadn’t been able to connect with a single one! Without hesitation he handed me two large pieces of Black Tourmaline, one for each hand “to clear my overwhelmed energy” and the affect was instant! I swayed and felt like I might collapse as the energetic clearing whooshed through my body, from one crystal to the other. (I am HIGHLY sensitive, so this was not a normal response.)

I had to put the Black Tourmaline down quickly to stop the energy flow. As I struggled to regain a sense of calm and balance, I felt that the Tourmaline’s clearing of that which was getting in my way of connecting with the crystals, might not have been a blessing in this situation. I could now feel the intensity of sooooo much energy from millions of displaced Earth crystals and minerals! I left that room as quickly as I could, out into the sunshine, smelling the grass and walking on the Earth. Aaahhh, the sweet sensation of grounding!

As my Earth connection solidified and my head cleared I understood the power of Black Tourmaline for clearing energies that block clear connection to self and others. I also understood the power of blocking energies intentionally, in times of need. I felt a sadness from all those displaced crystals that was threatening to well up and overflow, so I re-established my blocking shield, but fine-tuned it to allow for some sensing of the crystalline energies around me. Seconds later, as I walked by another room, I was drawn inside by several HUGE spheres of Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz. By huge, I mean 24” – 30″ in diameter – the size of a yoga ball. I was pleased to discover that I could definitely feel them!

There are times when it is perfect, safe and appropriate to clear away energy blockages. We often create energy blocks in challenging situations in order to be safe, without realizing it. Those kinds of blockages can pile up pretty quickly when we don’t have a system for clearing them out. Eventually we feel “stuck” in patterns or just “stuck” in life. Black Tourmaline can be a helpful tool in clearing blocked energies, but if a person has years of blockages to clear away, Black Tourmaline may not be powerful enough to do the trick. That is when to seek out the help of an Energy Healer.

There are also times when it is wise to know how to protect & shield ourselves by blocking energies that threaten to overwhelm us. Even among my precious Crystal friends I had to retreat into a space of numbness, to a certain degree, in order to do the work at hand. Right then, I was a buyer of crystal blessings wrapped in protective shields for distribution to those who did not yet know they needed them, not an empath.

Jenny Jo Allen is a Psychic Medium, Reiki Master, Medical Intuitive and Crystal Whisperer in Port Townsend, WA. Read more healing stories at Schedule an appointment (360) 643-1712.

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