Energy Tree

May 2015

On Friday I went to my office to pack up my healing table for the home visit healing sessions I had scheduled out of town. As I was leaving I noticed one of my rose quartz crystals in its bowl of many crystals, whispering to me. It wanted to come with me, so I dropped it into my purse thinking it might be for one of my first two clients. When I got into my car after those first two sessions I realized I had forgotten all about the rose quartz and thought, Oh well, I guess it just wanted to come with me for some other reason.

My last home visit was with a long-time friend’s adult daughter. I had been working with them both for several months to help them heal from Lyme disease. Part of that work was with helpful Spirit Beings and Crystals to establish protection in their home and continue healing while I was away.

When I checked in that evening I saw that the Spirit Beings had improved on my Energy Grid by using the large Crystals in the center of the house as the base of a tree that had roots into the earth and a strong trunk reaching up through the center of the house and forming a canopy of energy above the roof. The whole thing was made of energy supplying strength and stability for the two of them in particular, and for the other two family members (who I have also worked with). The Energy in the canopy connected with helpful healing energy in the universe and distributed it through the home’s energy grid.

As I watched the energy swirling in the canopy I saw it reaching down into the downstairs of the house and connecting to the rose quartz that was in my purse. The rose quartz then told me why it had come – it was to bring love and memories of better times back into their lives and to absorb the grief that they had experienced in more recent years.

We thanked the rose quartz and the helpful spirit beings and the Energy Tree for all their support and LOVE!

Helpful Spirit Beings used the crystals to form an energy tree through the house.

Helpful Spirit Beings used the crystals to form an energy tree through the house.

Copyright 2015 Jenny Jo Allen, all rights reserved.

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