Finding My Own Light

There are 3 parts to this story. As of June 2015, completion has been reached in a more final and beautiful way than I had imagined. I am ever so grateful for the highly gifted light-workers who guided me on this healing journey.

I am finally doing my work, the work I am meant to do! Last Saturday, Sept. 14th 2013, I saw 11 people for healing sessions at a local Psychic Fair – I spent about 7 hours in the spirit realm…too much, yes, but AMAZING!!!

After I completed my training in 2002 I began my healing practice, but it didn’t go at all well. I gave up after a few months and limited my practice to friends and family…until now.

Reconnecting with my Intuitive Healing teacher, Barbara Clearbridge this spring was the first step on my journey to resolving one of my most debilitating life-events and to creating a new beginning for myself. Not long after we reconnected on email I began to find answers to the questions I had about not being able to do my healing work. Where was the block? Why did I feel so inadequate and insecure around it? Why did I attract so many weird interactions when I was practicing?

I spent some time thinking/meditating on it while in a relaxed state in bed, then began googling “psychic” and spent a bit of time on that, reading and researching. Then I started thinking really hard about when I began my psychic training the first time, when I was 22. It was a horrible experience with the WA Psychic Institute which was actually the “Church of Divine Man” in Tacoma, WA. On the last class of the first training hurdle in becoming a certified psychic (Meditation 1), I was whisked away from the group on arrival, and told that they had to do a “psychic cleansing” on me. I thought it was weird, but then thought maybe everyone was getting that and it was part of the class. I was wrong! I was taken to a large room with dim lighting and 5 folding chairs facing 1 folding chair…guess which chair I got to sit in?

(background info: the Reverend’s wife was my teacher – can’t remember her name and I was a couple months pregnant with my first child, also the classes were in the evening and extremely boring so I often fell asleep in class)

After I was seated, they brought in 5 people (I think all women) from the graduating class which would have been their 3rd year of training. They sat facing me in the 5 chairs. They started waving their hands around and doing the “psychic cleansing” while the Rev. Reggie and his wife (my teacher) stood behind them. Reggie started pacing back and forth behind the psychics and shooting accusations at me. Every time I tried to respond or defend myself he would interrupt me with another accusation until finally I decided to put my head down and be quiet until it was over. The only two accusations I remember were that I tried to take over the class and that I had brought an evil spirit from the CA Psychic Institute into their midst who wanted to sabotage and take over their church.

When he was finished, he told me I was cleansed and allowed to join the potluck celebration we were having for completing the first class. I grabbed my potluck dish and went straight to my car to go home.

A couple months later I heard from an acquaintance that the Rev. Reggie had “resigned” (I put it in quotes because I think it was a forced resignation) and the parent church in Everett had taken it over, and not long after that the Tacoma church was disbanded altogether.

So, as I focused in on that event I realized that I needed to heal it. I googled the Church of Divine Man and got the phone number for the Everett chapter, but there was no answer so I decided to fill in the website form requesting contact. I wrote a nice letter, apologized for the previous contact I had made seeking resolution several years earlier because I had been extremely angry with the person who answered that call, and she was defensive of course, so resolution was not reached then. I also requested that a person with history and knowledge of the Tacoma church please contact me and that an apology from the church would go a long way in my healing process.

(Well, I didn’t hear back for several weeks and by then I had found permanent healing in a different way, but the response was by email and apologetic and seemed fairly sincere.)

Only days later, after talking about it with one of a very few friends that I had ever told that story to, I was able to catch a glimpse of an energy cord that was coming from my midriff and going off into space and I had a fleeting thought that it could be attached to the Rev. Reggie. I was not able to focus on the cord and knew that I could not heal it myself, I needed help from another clairvoyant healer, someone who would be willing to be led by me, so I called a psychic hotline I had found in my earlier web searches called “Psychic Source” and looked for the right person. When I found her I paid for 30 minutes and she took my call right away – thank goodness because I could hardly breathe I was freaking so bad! She was awesome and I told her the whole story and then I couldn’t talk anymore (as if my vocal cords were not allowed to work), so she started talking and then I got my voice back and saw the energy cord and it was HUGE and I asked her if she saw it and then she said the Arch Angel Michael was there with his huge gleaming sword and as she was saying that he could cut it if I wanted him to I said that he was already swinging the sword and then it was done! But then there was a loose energy cord swinging around in space like a loose air-hose with golden light spraying out of it so I quickly asked (the spirits) that the residual energy from that cord be taken and used for the highest and best good in the universe. Then I looked down and I had a huge open nub the size of a dinner plate and looking like a cut umbilical cord attached to the right of my navel, it was all oozey and gross so I asked my guides to heal it and they all (13) came and patted poultice and salve on it and kissed it with their magic healing powers and wrapped their loving arms around me and gave me so much love and gratitude and congratulations for a job well done!

I thanked the psychic and went to bed for the rest of the day and night, I was absolutely exhausted.

The next day I could feel how powerful I really was/am. All of my psychic energy was staying in my energy field for the first time in 24 years.

That was the end of June.

I have thought long and hard about that cord and the fact that I was not allowed to tell about that incident and just last night (Sunday) after working with all those 11 people on Saturday, I finally understood how energy cords work. They are formed by agreement. I allowed that man to take my psychic energy and I agreed not to talk about it and not to look at it in the moment it was formed. I stopped talking while he was interrogating me and put my head down and waited silently for him to finish sucking my psychic power away, then I went away quietly and the cord was secured.

(I have wondered how many others he did that to…in my telling of the interrogation since the healing, I usually add that the other people in the class were absolute zombies and I couldn’t figure what gutter they dragged them out of to attend class, but now I am getting an idea…their life-force was being syphoned off by the bad Rev. energy-vampire Reggie, too! Do you think it would be naughty of me to find him in spirit realm and cut all the energy cords he is still sucking off of? Tempting. Perhaps in a little more time when I am stronger.)

So, now I am free. I have chosen differently. We all have that choice and the power to make it so.

In only 2 1/2 months I have catapulted to where I am now. I feel so happy and blessed and thankful.

I am especially thankful for all Barbara taught me and all she gave me: a safe environment for learning and exploring, for increasing my awareness and control and for trusting myself and the universal information…among other things!

Finding My Own Light – Part 2

The story continues…

Although the massive energy cord siphoning off my psychic energy had been cut, after several months I found that I still felt like that work was incomplete. I was able to practice my healing work just fine, but if I talked about my experience I would have a very intense reaction – like hyperventilating and severe anxiety. Also it bothered me that every time I looked down at my abdomen (with my “energy eyes”) I saw a yucky, festering, meaty nub the size of a dinner plate protruding about 2″ out from the right side of my abdomen. It was just as it had been when the Arch Angel Michael cut it off with his huge, gleaming sword. I had worked on it a few times as part of my self-healing practice, but I was unable to make any progress on it and I knew I needed help.

In early January help presented itself. My teacher, Barbara Clearbridge, was due to arrive in Port Townsend for a couple of weeks at the end of the month and asked if I needed anything. For several weeks I had been thinking that I really wanted to take third degree Reiki again from her (as a refresher), but she lived on the other side of the country so my practical side was having a battle with my wants… so this was the perfect opportunity!

I had a lot of studying to do. There is a lot of memorization of complex Japanese symbols and procedures for attunements, so I did a lot of homework (luckily I remembered a lot of it) and passed my testing sessions. During this process my concern that my healing was incomplete came up and I asked Barbara to have a look at my festering nub. She could see it too and was able to clean up and remove all that yucky energy and found a guide who would take it away, but as soon as it was gone she saw that there was more to it. It looked like a tap root that went up from my abdomen and was attached to the inside of my chest next to my heart. She said it was meant to be a false heart and that it looked like a rose at the attachment point. I was flabbergasted! “That’s what they used to say!” I practically yelled. “They said they were ‘blowing roses’!” And I showed her the motion they made of blowing across their hands. She pulled it all out of me and gave that energy to the guides to transform.

When she was finished I felt a lot lighter. Now I can talk about that experience as if it might have happened to someone else – it no longer holds any emotional charge. I am completely free of that trauma and I no longer see anything but healthy skin where the festering energy nub used to be. Now THAT is deep healing!

Finding My Own Light – Part 3*

*coming soon!

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