Grounding Confusion

A Healing Session Story

As I was scanning my client’s energy body at the beginning of the session, I could see large blocks of concrete sitting in her feet, blocking the flow of Earth connection. I put my hands on her feet and asked the Angel Helpers how to remedy this situation and the blocks melted into liquid, flowing out of her feet and into the Earth.

When I invited the Earth Energy into her feet, it couldn’t get there, like it couldn’t reach and there was resistance, so I looked up her Central Energy Channel because it was all lit up with white light and it showed me a very strong connection to the Divine Light that flows in through the Crown Chakra…then I saw the image of her beautiful white Divine Light bird’s wings and her flying freely skyward, reaching with her energy back down her Central Channel only as far as her feet. I asked her Spirit-self if that energy could reach down into the Earth as if roots were growing from her feet and it could! Easily!

As the roots wound their way deep into the Earth I invited them to be thirsty for the Earth’s sweet Energy and they were! The Earth Energy traveled right up into the roots and into her feet and they began to transform inside her legs with little branches with leaves budding and then as the roots met her trunk, they became a tree trunk surrounding her brilliant white light Spirit Energy like the protective, strong, stable bark of a tree. As the Earth Energy tree trunk grew upward, her arms became branches and her head was all lit up with golden Energy with green leaves all around it, yet open to the sky.

It was so magical, so powerful, to have all the Divine Brilliance of Astral Connection within the strength and stability of her Earth Energy Tree.

I was shown by the Helpers that she regularly reached down into the Earth with her Divine Light Energy Connection, but did not bring the Earth Energy up into her body. I understood then, why I always saw (during her healing sessions) a difficulty in her “Grounding”, yet she felt that she did a lot of “Grounding!”

Also, isn’t it cool that some part of her knew that she wasn’t able to stay grounded, so that part of her installed those heavy concrete blocks in her feet to weigh herself down!

Reaching our Energy into the Earth for stability and strength IS Grounding, but only as long as our Energy stays anchored there. Some of us have an easy time connecting to the Earth, so Grounding really sticks for a while. But, some of us more naturally connect with the upper Chakras and it becomes challenging to anchor our Energy in the Earth. As with my client, it is more comfortable to float above the Earth, creating the need for bringing Earth’s Grounding Energy up into the body in order to stay grounded.

Why should we stay grounded? Yes, you upper Chakra dwellers would ask that, wouldn’t you!?

Ever been called “spacey” or feel more scattered and forgetful than other people you know? Do you misplace things? Feel overly sensitive or vulnerable?

Life is a bit easier when you’re grounded in the sweet Earth’s golden glow!

copyright © 2021 Jenny Jo Allen, all rights reserved

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