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Home visit session June, 2015

While sitting on the couch at her home for the pre-session interview, my client told me her story. She explained that she was going to be receiving her third dose of Chemo (out of 6) in a few days and was feeling nervous about it because of the very difficult time she had after the second dose. I listened closely and was impressed, yet not surprised, by her 100% commitment to her belief that she would “be healed.”

When the interview came to a close, I checked in with the energy in and around her house and saw one Angel – Being nearby. The Angel wasn’t sure if she was invited, but was clearly available, so I invited her to help with energetic security of the home portals (windows and doors) and she came right over. As we communicated and she assessed the situation of home energy and client energy, it became apparent that we needed more help, so we opened an invitation to help with creating a healing container around the house and five more Angel – Beings came! They took up positions around the house and I was shown what to do next.

We created an intention for all the healing energy available in the Universe to help support my client and her home. I saw a vessel forming that looked like a vase with a flower-petal shaped top open wide to receive the Universal love healing energy that we requested. It was designed to allow the healing energy to flush down the insides of the curvy vase shaped vessel walls that went around the whole house and came back toward the center just underground, but instead of meeting and closing under the house like a vessel would, it curved down and flowed back outward in a rolling, unfurling wave pattern so as to release all unhelpful energy into the Earth. I watched for the energy to start to move, but it didn’t so I asked the Angels why and they indicated that I had to connect my client to the energy vessel by matching her Central Energy Channel (CEC) to the CEC of the vessel.

At that point, I invited her to move onto the healing table and we began our session by opening an intention for all the available helpful spirit beings to participate in this healing session. Then I asked the Angels what the most effective way to support Julie in this session would be. I was shown to energize her CEC and balance her Chakras. So I started with her CEC (an unusual way to start, but who am I to argue with spirit?!) gently opening her CEC through the root, moving up slowly toward her crown until it felt connected and there was enough flow to bring in the Chakras effectively.

I began to balance her Chakras starting with C1 – the root (extending downward from the groin) which came in about medium in strength, color, spin and clarity. Not bad, thought I! Her second Chakra C2 (extending outward from just below the navel, both in front and back of the body) was very well developed – another happy surprise, but her third Chakra C3 (extending outward from the solar plexus, front and back) was like a deep well that I couldn’t fill. Every time I got it up near to where I could feel at least some fullness, it would drain away again. So I let go of balancing and put both hands on her sides near the bottom of her ribcage, which did have a broken rib in that area. I filled and filled, asking that the most beneficial healing energy come in and do the most good it could. I finally got that area to fill in pretty good, but felt that there was an energy “tangle” in her torso that needed working on, so I did a cross position with my right hand on her left shoulder and my left hand on her right hip.

When that felt complete I moved to the opposite position and as I was there I was shown a long sword from a past life driven all the way through her body down from the shoulder and surrounded with dark energy. I asked for help from her Angel Guide and together we pulled it out from her shoulder, the way it had gone in. As it came out we filled in the empty space with healing white light and I was shown that in that life she had been a man and was part of a group of authority figures who abused their power and persecuted those less powerful than they were. In that life she was uncomfortable with her part in those abusive acts and was getting ready to somehow make a change when the group was caught. She ended up “shouldering” the blame and was unable to talk her way out of it, finally realizing that the game was up and it was time to surrender to her fate. The sword death was delivered with blame and righteousness, which left the dark energy in her spirit energy body because she left that life with strong feelings of self-blame and guilt.

As I relayed that information to the best of my ability I saw it all flying away now that the sword was removed and the guilt and blame with it, replaced by the white light which is the love of the Universe. Then I saw a glowing golden ball of light surrounded by the inky blue Universe. It was her soul. I was shown that the part of it that was shrouded by that incident had been healed and that her soul was again 100% reunited with the Universal love that is God, because she was/is one with God, as are all of us.

The feeling of connection with the All was so complete and fulfilling, so beautiful and ecstatic that I couldn’t help crying a few tears of pure joy because I was part of that oneness just as we all are!

When I finished telling her as much as I could about that, I was shown to finish balancing her Chakras. I was able to bring them all into balance (though not perfection) working together and working with her CEC, too.

I then strengthened the outer layer of her Energy Field, leaving open both her crown and root so that the healing energy from the Universe, in cooperation with the healing vessel around the house, could flow through her body, clearing out all that needed to be released and sending it lovingly into the Earth.

I also surrounded her husband (who was in the room watching…in total awe) in healing energy to strengthen and support him as he supports her recovery.

In closing, we generously thanked the helpful Angel – Beings and Spirit Beings who assisted with the healing session, as well as the Earth for the support, information and help provided.

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